Business intermediation – mergers and acquisitions

Company sales are a complex activity that is different from any other commercial activity. The process requires some important phases, like:

  1. An understanding of the objectives of sellers;
  2. A clear definition of each sales object;
  3. Appraisal of the asset(s) to be sold;
  4. Alternative sales strategies, taking into consideration the tax burden on sellers, for example;
  5. Preparation of the asset(s) so that it (they) may be sold;
  6. Identification of potential buyers and selection of those to be approached;
  7. The first contacts with potential buyers;
  8. The process for exchange of information and negotiation;
  9. Elaboration of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU);
  10. Due diligence and analysis of its effects;
  11. Adjustment of the MOU and final negotiations.

This set of activities composes a multidisciplinary process that involves not only the advisors, but other specialized professionals (lawyers, auditors, etc.)

Setape has experience in conducting company sales processes and coordination of the team of professionals involved in the process.