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Setape Information Technology
Technology for Asset Management
Optimize information management and make the most of your resources
Assessoria Econômica | Setape
Setape Asset Valuation and Control
We are specialists in Asset Management and Assets Control
Experience of 45 years with more than 80 thousand services of tangible assets for all types of movable and immovable property, urban and rural.
Setape Economic Advisory
The full range of Economic Valuations
Specialists in Economic, Financial and Equity Valuations, Modeling and Economic-Financial Planning for Companies and Businesses.

Asset and Business Valuation Solutions

The SETAPE Group was founded in 1974. It currently consists of three consulting and advisory companies:

  • SETAPE Valuation Engineering, specialized in property valuations and asset control;
  • SETAPE Economic Advisory, specialized in economic valuations, financial advice, economic studies and projects;
  • SETAPE Information Technology, specialized in fixed asset control and auditing systems.

Always seeking excellence in service and in the quality of the services provided, SETAPE provides its clients with complete solutions in asset valuation and management.

Specializing in Valuation and Advisory Services for the Economic and Financial areas, it conducts Project Valuations, Intangible Assets Studies and Reports.

Pioneer and responsible for the introduction in Brazil of engineering techniques and methodologies for performing Fixed Asset Valuations and Asset Control.

Specialized in Development, Implementation and Processing of Asset Control Systems and Outsourcing of Fixed Assets to RFID or Mobile.

International Coverage

We are members of the VRG – Valuation Research Group (www.vrg.net), which has representatives in Germany, Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, Spain, United States, India, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom. With this we can serve customers in the main international markets.

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