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Asset Management

Setape is the pioneer in the introduction of appraisal and management of a company’s asset.

Asset Management

The services offered by Setape seek to assist the company manager in orienting and solving issues that generally require specific knowledge in appraisals and analyzes for the preparation of technical reports.

Setape through its team of experts assesses each peculiarity of your project in a safe and productive way, generating indicators for a more assertive decision making, always using the practices and methodologies recognized in the market, following all the recommendations and current standards.

Check below the services that we carry out for Asset Management for your company.

Financial Guarantee Appraisal

The Financial Guarantee Appraisal Report will provide security to the Financial Institution that the value of the asset is correct, which in the event of default may constitute the payment for the creditor.

Personal Properties Appraisal

The Personal Properties Appraisal will determine the market value, calculated through market value research providing trustworthy information for reliable decision making.

Real Estate Appraisal

The Real Estate Appraisal report performed according to appropriate methodologies presents its market values according to the purpose

Industry Appraisal

This appraisal will presents the value of a whole plant, considering personal properties, real estate and any other specific equipment from it.

Asset Reorganization

Asset reorganization has the primary function, as the name implies, to restructure the fixed asset base. Whether reorganizing an existing base, or even creating a new one. And also improve managers view of its assets.

Impairment Test

Companies must ensure that the carrying amount of their assets is less than or equal to the amount that can be recovered by selling or using them. According to CPC 01 (Brazilian Accounting Committee), when this does not occur, the company must recognize an adjustment for impairment losses.

Insurance Appraisal

The Insurance Appraisal report will guarantee that the coverage assigned in the policy has the correct value in case of a claim.

Rural Real Estate

The appraisal report of rural real estate will provide the value of the whole estate, considering its land, buildings, pastures, crops, etc.

Useful Life Report

The Useful Life Report provides support to guide management in forecasting investments in the company and in calculating the depreciated value of the asset

Stock Audit and Appraisal

The Inventory Audit and Appraisal consists of the inventory and verification of the quantity of its items and their valuation.

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