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Economic Advisory

Specialists in economic and equity valuations, business planning and advisory in mergers and acquisitions

But after all, what is an Economic Advisory and how can it help my company?

The services offered by Setape Economic Advisory seek to assist business managers in orienting and solving economic issues that generally require specific knowledge and greater care when making macroeconomic or microeconomic valuations or analyzes.

Setape, through its team of experts, valuate each peculiarity of your project in a safe and productive way, generating indicators for more assertive decision making, always using the practices and methodologies recognized and used by the market, following all current recommendations and standards.

Economic Valuation of Companies, Businesses and Projects

Do you know how much your company or business is worth? Economic valuation of companies can help you find out.

Valuation of Net Assets at Book Value CTG 2002 of the CFC

Valuate your company's net worth in cases such as capital increase, incorporations, spin-offs and mergers, among others.

Accounting valuations adjusted to market price

The amounts recorded in accounting may not reflect the actual equity value. Update your company's net worth!

Valuation at Fair Value (CPC 46/IFRS 13)

Valuate at fair value (the perspective of a market participant) the assets or liabilities to comply with the rules of the CPCs.

Recoverability / Impairment Test CPC 01

Apply the Impairment Test at the end of each reporting period to see if any assets have depreciated.

Biological Asset Valuations (CPC 29/IAS 41)

Biological assets undergo biological transformations throughout their life. Valuate the fair value from these changes!

Intangible Assets Valuation

Brands, patents or copyrights have value and can add competitive advantages to the company. Valuate your intangible assets.

Business Combination CPC 15

Understand the tax implications of the transaction and the need for the correct purchase price allocation – PPA.

Reports to comply with IN RFB 1700/2017

Like PPA, it is required to demonstrate the acquiree's shareholders' equity, the surplus value of the assets acquired and the goodwill on the transaction.

Business Plan

M&A advisory provides guidance in all stages of this buying or selling process to ensure your success.

Mergers & Acquisitions – M&A

M&A advisory provides guidance in all stages of this buying or selling process to ensure your success.

Fundraising Advisory

Companies and investors need to raise funds to finance their projects. Learn how we can help you.

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