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Regularization of Taxes on Fixed Assets

Review the methodology for taking credits on fixed assets

Review the methodology for taking credits on fixed assets

The revision of credits on Fixed Assets, allows the analysis of credits taken in the course related to the legislation, analyzing items that are within what the Law allows (Productive Process) and its compliance with the company’s fiscal control.

Project Summary:

  • Diagnosis of tax control routines on fixed assets.
  • Mapping credit taking routines.
  • Analysis of invoice records of tax notes and their due parameterizations of these credits.
  • Analysis of credits already taken and if they are within compliance in compliance with the legislation in force.
  • Analysis of undue credits and adjustments
  • Analysis of extemporaneous credits

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The analysis of credits on fixed assets guarantees the company comfort with respect the items analyzed if they are in conformity with the accounting and physical control of the assets.

For companies that can benefit from these credits (ICMS/PIS/COFINS) this control needs to be mapped with ballast so that this information is in compliance with current legislation, thus avoiding questions from regulatory and inspection bodies.

We must consider that the ancillary obligations guide us to maintain these controls individually throughout the crediting period and up to 5 years after their acquisition.

In addition to the recovery and settlement of taxes on fixed asset, SETAPE Technology also has these products and services:

  • Manual of procedures on fixed assets
  • Outsourcing – Fixed Assets Property Control
  • SIGA – Asset Audit System with MOBILE technology
  • SAF WEB – Fixed Asset System, with WEB technology

How the contracting of Diagnosis, regularization and recovery of taxes on Fixed Assets works.

Step 1
Diagnosis of the current customer control scenario
Step 2
Analysis of all files and ways of collecting current credits
Step 3
Credit taking flow mapping
Step 4
Review of credit taking
Step 5
Analysis of extemporaneity
Step 6
Adjust the customer base

Technical Standards

Setape’s valuations are always carried out with strict observance of all guidelines set by the ABNT Standards – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards and Ibape Nacional – Brazilian Institute of Engineering Valuations and Expertise.

Why hire Setape?

Complete Advisory

The only company that performs all services of valuation of movable and immovable property, urban and rural, valuation of companies, and has support for asset control (fixed assets).

Proven Experience

With 45 years of activities and more than 80,000 services performed, it is the company with the most experience in evaluating the fixed assets market and in economic evaluations.

Qualified Team

It has its own team with more than a hundred professionals from all specialties.

Satisfied Customers

Quality of services proven by its customers

International Coverage

It belongs to the VRG – Valuation Research Group of international valuation companies with service coverage on all continents

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