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Real Estate Appraisal Report

By conducting a Real Estate Appraisal Report with Setape, you are ensuring that the valuation of your assets will be done correctly and accurately.

What is the real estate appraisal report for?

The real estate appraisal report is a service conducted according to specific Technical Norms and appropriate methodologies according to its usage characteristics (land, residential house, apartment, office, warehouses, industrial buildings, glebes, etc.), presenting market values or others according to the purpose for which it was requested.

What are the benefits of carrying out the valuation of movable assets?

Managers are constantly faced with situations that compel them to know the market value of company´s real estate.

Usually the value of the company´s real estate is treated as a routine accounting matter.  The lack of knowledge of the real market value calculated by specialized companies can result in management decisions being made based on values ​​that do not reflect reality.

Having the knowledge of the value of an asset will provide managers with the necessary support for the control of assets, such as:

  • Adequate knowledge about assets to assist in strategic decisions;
  • Identification of systems that can generate appreciation or devaluation;
  • Forecast regarding the feasibility of future investments, such as the acquisition of assets;
  • Help during a negotiation since the company will have the correct value of its real estate;
  • Indication of the positioning of the asset in the market, with respect to values ​​above or below the average;
  • Certainty in updating real estate assets value, since depreciation is carefully analyzed;
  • Improve the managers’ view of the company’s equity and investment capacity;
  • Adjust the balance sheet to reflect the real situation of the organization;
  • Give subsidies to raise financial resources;
  • Comply with the various laws in force, Accounting Opinions, IFRS, among others;
  • To properly contract insurance that reflects the real values ​​of fixed assets;

What are the related services for the appraisal of real estate that are carried out by SETAPE?

Usually the appraisal of real estate is made in conjunction with personal properties and can be presented, or not, in the same Report. Some of the purposes that are related to are:

  • Land,
  • Residential, commercial and industrial buildings,
  • hydroelectric plants,
  • Substations,
  • Property investments,
  • Urban expansion glebe,
  • Civilian sanitation, electrical and gas installations.

Some of the Real Estate the we appraise:

  • Financial guarantee,
  • Asset reorganization,
  • Impairment test (CPC01),
  • Public companies (that provide services for the citizen)Tariff Reviews,


  • Merger and acquisition,
  • Sales,
  • Incorporations,
  • Calculation of the rental value,
  • Action

What is the methodology for real estate appraisal?

The real estate appraisal methodology depends on the purpose for which the real estate report will be used (see above). In general, the appraisal follows the steps below:

  • Planning;
  • Analysis of the documentation for each real estate;
  • Physical inspection (when the appraiser will verify the conservation status);
  • Market research;
  • Calculation of unit prices,
  • Establishment of the new replacement value of the market value in use (depreciated value) of the asset, given its technical obsolescence, state of conservation and useful life;
  • Calculation of other values, depending on the purpose of the assessment;
  • Issuance of the Appraisal Report according to its purpose.

The specific standard for Real Estate is determined by ABNT – NBR 14653-2 – “Real Estate”.  The appraisal methodology, according to this standard, depending on the type of property and the existing market information can be:

  1. Direct comparative method of market data, which consists of comparing the good with similar ones for sale in the market
  2. Cost method, which measures how much would be necessary to replace a given asset, using synthetic or analytical quotes considering its depreciation.
  3. Income method, which consists of valuing the asset based on its possibility of future income, in which case we would be reflecting the economic valuation.

Technical Standards

Setape’s valuations are always carried out with strict observance of all guidelines set by the ABNT Standards – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards and Ibape Nacional – Brazilian Institute of Engineering Valuations and Expertise.

Why hire Setape?

Complete Advisory

The only company that performs all services of valuation of movable and immovable property, urban and rural, valuation of companies, and has support for asset control (fixed assets).

Proven Experience

With 45 years of activities and more than 80,000 services performed, it is the company with the most experience in evaluating the fixed assets market and in economic evaluations.

Qualified Team

It has its own team with more than a hundred professionals from all specialties.

Satisfied Customers

Quality of services proven by its customers

International Coverage

It belongs to the VRG – Valuation Research Group of international valuation companies with service coverage on all continents

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