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Financial Guarantee appraisal

By conducting a Financial Guarantee Appraisal with Setape, you are ensuring that the valuation of your assets will be done correctly and accurately.

Financial Guarantee appraisal

An appraisal for financial guarantee purpose is essential assessments in a Credit operation that requires Real Guarantee because it will determine the value of the asset (movable or immovable) that will provide security to the operation between the creditor and the borrower, be it, individual or legal entity, registered in the form of mortgage or fiduciary alienation, which in the event of default may constitute the payment for the creditor.

In order to determine the Forced Settlement Value that will be presented in the financial guarantee appraisal Report, it is necessary to analyze any document to establish the real owner of the goods evaluated. This document can be enrollments, projects, invoices, import guides, certificates of property and others.

There is also another aspect in this kind of appraisal that is really important: the role of the appraiser, since this person will be responsible for inspecting the property, thus verifying its existence, its technical and operational characteristics, the state of conservation and obsolescence, conducting market research and be in contact with specialists and institutions related to the type of asset being evaluated, so that it can determine the Market Value and the Forced Settlement Value, reliable and appropriate to the current trade practices.

Why does our customer need this service?

In the perspective of the creditor, it is important to have a reliable company that will follow the current market guidelines, and will consider the correct data, calculations and research, supporting the result of the appraisal. In the perspective of the borrower, it is necessary to have renowned company doing the appraisal since the Financial Guarantee Report will be presented to a Financial Institute that will  evaluate and give the credit or not.

What types of assets has SETAPE already carried out this type of assessment?

SETAPE, through its 46 years of experience, has already carried out Appraisal Reports for Financial Guarantee purpose of tangible assets such as:

  • lands,
  • houses,
  • commercial and residential buildings,
  • machinery and equipment,
  • industrial facilities,
  • furniture,
  • computer equipment,
  • vehicles, boats, airplanes,
  • rural properties with improvements and cultures

Find out what our work methodology is

Financial Guarantee appraisal reports are prepared with special attention to the liquidity of the assets evaluated in relation to their potential markets.

It begins with an inspection of the asset being appraised, verification of available documentation, market research, calculation of depreciation and the settlement factor.

Whit this factor defined it is possible to calculate the Forced Settlement Value.

If the transaction is for a Financial Guarantee, the Forced Settlement Value is calculated.

If the transaction is for a payment in kind, the Forced Settlement Value and the Immediate Settlement Value will be calculated.

Technical Standards

Setape’s valuations are always carried out with strict observance of all guidelines set by the ABNT Standards – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards and Ibape Nacional – Brazilian Institute of Engineering Valuations and Expertise.

Why hire Setape?

Complete Advisory

The only company that performs all services of valuation of movable and immovable property, urban and rural, valuation of companies, and has support for asset control (fixed assets).

Proven Experience

With 45 years of activities and more than 80,000 services performed, it is the company with the most experience in evaluating the fixed assets market and in economic evaluations.

Qualified Team

It has its own team with more than a hundred professionals from all specialties.

Satisfied Customers

Quality of services proven by its customers

International Coverage

It belongs to the VRG – Valuation Research Group of international valuation companies with service coverage on all continents

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